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SB2750 (2021)

a)     a)         SB 2750 regarding revising the definition of written protocol has been approved by the governor and went into effect on July 1st, 2021. 

          i)     MS BoP Regulation 36 has been updated and approved by the OLRC 8.7.21 and the new regulations will                       be communicated from the BoP via email soon. 


SB2750 (As Passed the Senate)


b)     b)         SB 2799

893 (D) * * * (1) Notwithstanding any provision of this 894 article, except as authorized in subsection (E) of this section 895 and in Section 43-13-139, (a) the limitations on the quantity or 896 frequency of use of, or the fees or charges for, any of the care 897 or services available to recipients under this section; and (b) 898 the payments or rates of reimbursement to providers rendering care 899 or services authorized under this section to recipients shall not 900 be increased, decreased or otherwise changed from the levels in 901 effect on July 1, 2021, unless they are authorized by an amendment 902 to this section by the Legislature. 903 (2) When any of the changes described in paragraph (1) 904 of this subsection are authorized by an amendment to this section 905 by the Legislature that is effective after July 1, 2021, the 906 changes made in the later amendment shall not be further changed 907 from the levels in effect on the effective date of the later 908 amendment unless those changes are authorized by another amendment 909 to this section by the Legislature.


SB 2799-Medicaid Technical Amendments Bill

No updates at this time.  From what I can tell talking to Medicaid and the MCOs, there has not been a dramatic NADAC update since the law went into effect.  CMS has sent questions to Medicaid about the SPA, but they have not approved it - Beau Cox, PharmD

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