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Mississippi Pharmacists Association 2024 Awards in Recognition of Excellence

The Mississippi Pharmacists Association is accepting nominations through Friday, April 15, 2024 for the following Annual Awards. Awards will be presented during the 153rd Annual Convention and Trade Show,

June 7-8, 2024 at the Oxford Conference Center in Oxford, Miss. 

***** Please refer to the Awards Descriptions below to view all award criteria *****

Note: Each award nomination requires a separate submission.

Submit the following nomination form for your nominee to be considered:


If you are having issues with the Google Form, click here to download and print.

Mail form and supporting documentation to:

Mississippi Pharmacists Association

Attn: Nominations and Awards Committee

PO Box 16861

Jackson, MS 39236

You can also email form and supporting documentation to


The Bowl of Hygeia Award recognizes pharmacists across the nation who possess outstanding records of civic leadership in their communities and who have made unique contributions to form strong, healthy communities through service and personal leadership. This prestigious award and notable achievement is recognized nationally and sponsored by the American Pharmacists Association and the National Alliance of State Pharmacy Associations, with support from Boehringer Ingelheim. The following criteria should be noted when submitting a nominee for consideration. The recipient of this award:

  • Must be a pharmacist, licensed within the jurisdiction in which the award is made.

  • Must be living. Awards are not presented posthumously.

  • Cannot have previously received the award.

  • Has compiled an outstanding record of community service, which, apart from his/her specific identification as a pharmacist, reflects well on the profession. 

  • Awards committee will need a CV to accompany the nomination


The Hall of Fame Award is the most prestigious award presented within MPhA. This award recognizes an exemplary member with a longstanding history of outstanding contributions and commitment to the association. The criteria for this award are: 

  • The recipient has demonstrated a long-term commitment and service to the association and profession.

  • The recipient is not a previous recipient of the award.

  • Awards committee will need a CV to accompany the nomination


The Excellence in Innovation Award sponsored by Upsher-Smith Laboratories, Inc. was introduced as a way to honor a pharmacist who demonstrated innovative and pro-active approaches and improved patient care. The criterion for this award is: 

  • The recipient has demonstrated an innovative pharmacy practice resulting in improved patient care.


This award was created to recognize the MPhA district judged to be the most outstanding as far as service and commitment to the association over the previous year. In honor of J.D. Slater, and sponsored by the association, this award exemplifies professional involvement outreach and engagement. The recipient of this award should have the following qualification:

  • A district that has demonstrated outstanding service to the profession and association.


This award, sponsored by Pharmacists Mutual, recognizes a practicing pharmacist with superior achievement, within 10 years of their terminal pharmacy degree. Nominees for this award should be persons who exemplify professional, pharmacy service and have demonstrated the following:

  • Outstanding service in pharmacy practice.

  • Service in professional organizations.

  • Outstanding service to the community.

  • Services/interaction with other health care workers.


This award, established in 2003, recognizes pharmacy technicians who exhibit professional characteristics inherent of a model pharmacy technician. The nominee should be a person who has demonstrated professional competency and who is actively working to help establish the role of the technician in pharmacy services. Factors to be considered for this award sponsored by MPhA are; 

  • Service to his/her organization and or area of patient service.

  • Involvement in committees and technician leadership.

  • Significant contributions to the promotion of pharmacy.


This award recognizes a student pharmacist who has demonstrated proven leadership ability and who represents the very best attributes and accomplishments of pharmacy students. Sponsored by MPhA, this award honors a student of pharmacy who has been actively involved in association activities and helped to promote the advancement of pharmacy. The student must:

  • Be a current student member of MPhA.

  • Be a leader and involved in association activities to promote the advancement of the profession of pharmacy.


This award, sponsored by MPhA, recognizes a service-oriented and hard-working member that has demonstrated an extraordinary commitment to our association and volunteer activities. The recipient of this award must:

  • Be a current member of MPhA.

  • Have made significant contributions to the association and professional activities.


Sponsored by MPhA, this award is presented to a member who has demonstrated impeccable commitment to the association, dedicated his/her personal time and energy to furthering the objectives of the association, and is active in all aspects of the association. The recipient of this award must have:

  • Demonstrated commitment and service to the association, over and beyond expectations per the member's role.

  • Served on one or more committees.

  • Dedicated personal time to member outreach and recruitment.

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